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This changelog only exists as of v5.0 onward, for previous inuit.css versions’ history please browse the commit logs.


This major version bump saw the introduction of the inuit.css web template, a means of including inuit.css as a submodule through which you can easily pull updates from GitHub whilst avoiding having to touch any library code.

  • Use beautons for button styling
  • Use csswizardry-grids for inuit.css’ built-in grid system.
  • Removed Batch
  • Moved over to HTML5 Boilerplate style helper classes.
  • Added a few more helper classes and mixins.
  • Introduced switches to turn objects and abstractions on/off.


  • Convert special character to unicode.
  • Fix/change the headings mixin.
  • Fix some typos pertaining to the renaming of the spriting object.
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