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Quotes #95

silvenon opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Wraping paragraphs inside blockquotes with quotation marks seems like an odd choice, because:

  <p>Lorem ipsum.</p>
  <p>Dolor sit amet.</p>

would result into something like this:

““Lorem ipsum.
“Dolor sit amet.””

I don't think that's intended :)

EDIT: I realized that you've just been following instructions from HTML5 Doctor, but now that I opened the issue, we can at least discuss it, because I don't get it :P


I was too shy to post this issue, but I've noticed the same thing. :)

Not sure myself of the best way to handle quotes with multiple paragraphs.


There are tons of ways, but I can't imagine any design that would put quotes around each paragraph. So this setup forces you to cancel those quotes.


I find the blockquote-quotes to be too much of a design decision, and would rather see them removed completely. Wouldn't you just as often want to style your blockquotes with some kind of background, font-size or color to set them apart from their surrounding content, and any automatically inserted quotes would get in the way?


I agree.


You shouldn’t embed the quotes in your markup that’s what the quotes CSS rule is for :)

Blockquotes should take ‘proper’ quotes (currently English, with half-arsed support for other); if you want to extend their design to make the quotes bigger, use larger quotes etc, then that should be done in your theme stylesheet :)

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