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Update inuit.css/base/_images.scss #111

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What about it? I think it's interesting to have this class available.


That's a pretty good idea. The images module was discussed in #94, just to throw that reference in here.


I’m thinking of a solution that will work with selectors like:


This way you don’t have to remember to use a class; inuit.css will just know not to ‘fluidise’ anything that you have explicitly sized with width or height attributes.


Apparently a great solution.

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@csswizardry csswizardry reopened this

How about:

img:not([width]) {
    width: 100%;

This way it only makes images fluid that don't have explicit horizontal dimensions.


The drawback is, :not() isn't supported in IE8.


That's true, then you might need to overwrite it like so:

img {
    width: 100%;

img[width] {
    width: auto;

@TheDutchCoder Just want to make sure you mean max-width and not width?


It should be max-width like in the fiddle above.


It depends, using max-width will not scale images down if needed. I thought this was about having images adapt to fluid layouts, so then width would be more appropriate, no?


My solution works in IE8 as far as I can see, I don’t want to use less supported and more convoluted selectors where I don’t need to :)


@TheDutchCoder Both scales it down, but width also scales it up if the image is smaller then the container. max-width : 100% keeps the width of the image except if it's bigger then the containing element.

@csswizardry I think it's elegant enough, maybe img[height] not necessary? :)


Okay I probably misunderstood the request then. Harry's solution only downscales for images without explicit widths/heights. I thought you wanted fluid images regardless ;-)


@TheDutchCoder Having images shrink when in a smaller container is called "fluid images". I don't believe anyone wants images to stretch outside their original dimensions :)

@csswizardry If there's no way to not tamper with dimensions of images with size attributes in the first place, I don't think there's any point in adding anything to inuit.css. We can turn off the fluidness ourselves when we want. I wanted to avoid the effect of images pushing the content around it when it's loaded and probably the only reasonable way to achieve that is using :not(), which is obviously out of the question.

In case I wasn't clear enough (these stuff is kinda hard to explain with words), I'll try to explain it with a pen and some code:

<img src="">

This will cause loading no. 1 (from the pen), because no size attributes have been set.

<img src="" width="100" height="100">

This will cause loading no. 2, because size attributes have been set.

<img src="">
img { width: 100px; height: 100px; }

This will also cause loading no. 2 because size attributes have been set, only in this case with CSS.

<img src="" width="100" height="100">
img { height: auto; } // or width or both

Even though the HTML attributes have been set, CSS makes the image ignore its height attribute forever and you can never ever cancel it :P (Same goes for width.)

So the only way to achieve loading no. 2 using inuit.css images module is to set the dimensions through CSS. But because in many situations you don't know those dimensions and really want the original image dimensions, you'd have to exclude the images module and manage image fluidity by yourself, applying it only on images you want fluid.

I realize this was overly verbose, but now I can be sure everyone's got it :P

@silvenon silvenon referenced this pull request from a commit in silvenon/inuit.css
@csswizardry Don’t apply fluidity to fixed-width images. Fixes #111 3d94e27
@silvenon silvenon referenced this pull request from a commit in silvenon/inuit.css
@csswizardry [refs #111] Remove redundant code 4762aa9
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10 inuit.css/base/_images.scss
@@ -4,8 +4,14 @@
* Demo:
- @if $flexible-media == true{
+@if $flexible-media == true{
+ img{
+ max-width:100%;
+ height:auto;
+ }
+} @else {
+ .img--responsive {
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