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A simple toolkit for creating digital, mobile optimised business cards.

Attribution and donations is, as with all of my projects, totally free for people to download and use. A requirement of is that you must maintain a visible attribution link in the page.

If you would like to remove this link then please consider donating to through Gumroad.

If you don’t mind the attribution link then feel free to download the project as normal and get started!

Try before you buy

If you want to use before deciding to donate then you can just download the project files as usual and then retrospectively make a purchase through Gumroad once you’re happy with things.


My demo card can be found at

Installation and usage

Creating your own card couldn’t be easier; simply download and start tinkering!

The app is built on the inuit.css framework and is put together in four stages:

  1. Firstly we have _vars.scss which we update to reflect our desired values.
  2. Then we include inuit.css, comment out any unused includes.
  3. Next up we have _card.scss which sorts out basic functionality.
  4. Lastly we have our theme stylesheet which is where you do most of your work.

You will only need to edit /css/_vars.scss and /css/ inuit.css and /css/ will take care of the rest and shouldn’t need touching at all (except to comment out any unused objects and abstractions in the inuit.css framework).

The HTML is entirely up to you; fill your card with whatever you wish using code from the inuit.css framework and stuff of your own.

Avatars uses a single 128x128 PNG image for your avatar, favicon and Home Screen icon. This gives us both performance and maintainability benefits but does mean your avatar needs to be suited to the PNG format.


It is imperative that you only release a minified version of the CSS. The demo site compresses and gzips to less than 2kB, the non-minified file is over 23kB.

Using your card

Upload your card to a directory on your site (e.g. and navigate to that URL on your phone. From here you can add your (and others’) card to your Home Screen for fast, chromeless access to your information. To turn your business card over simply rotate your phone.


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