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<title>About me&mdash;Sam Penrose Design&mdash;Creative designer and graffiti artist based in Leeds, UK</title>
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<h1>About me<span class=accessibility>&mdash;a twenty-something print and web designer from Leeds</span></h1>
<img src=img/sam-penrose.jpg alt="A photo of Sam Penrose">
<p>Hi I&rsquo;m Sam, a 21 year old creative print- and web-designer and artist from Leeds, UK.</p>
<p>Founded in 2011, Sam Penrose Design is the home of me, Sam, a young, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial designer. I have worked for clients ranging from small, local businesses to international household brands.</p>
<h2>What I do&hellip;</h2>
<ul class=keywords>
<li>Creative advertising</li>
<li>Brand development</li>
<li>Web design</li>
<li>Literature and <abbr title="Point of Sale">POS</abbr></li>
<li>Publication design</li>
<p>I am also a graffiti artist and have run workshops with local school children. If you would like to organise a workshop or commission a piece of art <a href=contact.html>drop me a line&hellip;</a></p>
<h3 id="section:colophon">Colophon</h3>
<p>This website was designed by me and coded by <a href=>Harry Roberts</a>. It was built in <a href=>TextMate</a> and designed in-browser, its code is hosted on <a href= title="This site&rsquo;s public repo on GitHub">GitHub</a> and it uses the gorgeous <a href=><cite>Chaparral Pro</cite></a> from <a href=>Typekit</a>.</p>
<p>It was designed <a href=>content-out</a> and <a href=>mobile-first</a>, it is <a href=>fully responsive</a> and uses progressive enhancement to deliver a <abbr title="User eXperience">UX</abbr> suited to the individual browser or/and device. For a list of people and technologies involved please see my <a href=humans.txt><i>humans.txt</i></a>.</p>
<p>To read more about the techniques applied, please refer to my <a href=cheatsheet.html>web design cheatsheet</a>.</p>
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<h2>Follow me</h2>
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Like what you hear? <b class=go>Let me know&hellip;</b>
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<p><small>&copy; 2012 Copyright Sam Penrose</small></p>
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