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<title>Testimonials&mdash;Sam Penrose Design&mdash;Creative designer and graffiti artist based in Leeds, UK</title>
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<h1>Testimonials<span class=accessibility>&mdash;what some of my happy clients have said about me</span></h1>
<p>My BD5 commissioned Sam Penrose to deliver a new and exciting Graffiti Art project for 6 weeks aimed at gifted and talented artists aged 10 and 11 in Bradford 5, this was the first time such a project has taking place and overall the project has been a tremendous success, the balance between the children planning and designing and actually practically using their designs on to our new Play Pod has worked perfectly, children have been allowed to be as creative and as wacky as they like.</p>
<p>The group had a good mixture of gender and ethnicity and the providers really engaged them well, all the children have thoroughly enjoyed it and feedback from parents has been great, My BD5 will definitely commission Sam and the team again in the very near future as believes that all children across BD5 should be given such an opportunity.</p>
<b class=source>Naveed Mushtaque <small>MyBD5 Extended Services</small></b>
<p>Very nice work would recommend again&hellip;</p>
<b class=source>John Cali <small>Desire Marketing</small></b>
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I am currently available for work. <b class=go>Get in touch&hellip;</b>
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