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Nexus Core NG (some advancements for core eventually applied to official Nexus Core)

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Nexus Core

This is the Nexus Core, a mirror of the Sonatype Nexus Core SVN repository.


I used as manual a nice blog entry to create a "one way" mirror of SVN repository:

So, the setup is similar, we have the following branches:

  • vendor - this is 1:1 mirror of the TRUNK of the Nexus SVN, no changes here.
  • master - this is where work is, and rebase happens regularly (done manually, not cron-ed like Bob did!)

DO NOT FORK THIS REPO, you will be not able to follow it.

Have fun!

Original readme follows:

Sonatype Nexus Core

This is the Core codebase of Sonatype Nexus, aka "Nexus OSS".

Project homepage:

Public source repository:

Issue tracking:

Public wiki:

Have fun,
Sonatype Team

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