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= atom_ejabberd =

This bit of code is designed to validate pubsub ( atom ( entry payload.

== USAGE ==

atom:check(Payload) returns valid | {invalid, first_error_message}

Payload is an ejabberd xmlelement tuple.

Also included is a node_atom enforcing atom.

You need to have the xml and xml_stream modules from ejabberd in your BEAM path for parsing.

== Building ==

Do it manually with erlc. I may provide a build script someday.

== Notes ==

It only checks entries and not feeds. It is designed as a server component that receives entries for publishing.

Namespaces should be handled well as long as atom itself is the base namespace. (no <atom:entry>)

== A volontary step away from the atom spec ==

I have decided not to check for atom:author, even though the entry is not in a feed, as XMPP pubsub makes it pretty clear who's actually publishing.

== TODO ==

There are few bits and pieces not implemented yet. For instance :

 - dates are not validated

 - IRI are not checked as being valid

 - emails are not validated either

 - atom:source is weakly checked (it just accepts it as is)

 - better handle the namespacing / provide an extension hook to check foreign namespaces

Integrate with

build script

== Testing ==

The EUnit unit tests provide good coverage.

sam.atom and tim.atom are sample entries from Sam Ruby and Tim Bray's atom feed. I used them for testing (check out atom:check_entry() )

== License == 

Licensed under the EPL

== Author ==

Eric Cestari <>
Website :