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For original README, see README.orig
= About =
Building on merle and ketama, this application enables memcached access from erlang.
= Prerequisites =
- ruby and rake for building
- libketama <>
- memcached servers <>
= Builing =
Run rake a first time and make sure ERL_TOP is set at the right location.
sudo rake install will install the application where necessary.
= Example Usage =
Provide a ketama.servers file (such as the one here).
Open 3 terminals and start memcached in each one of them on a different port :
$ memcached -p 11211 -vv
$ memcached -p 11212 -vv
$ memcached -p 11213 -vv
Open another terminal, and run :
$ erl -s merle -merle file '"ketama.servers"' # use the one included here.
You should see on the memcached servers something like :
<18 new client connection
For the rest, see the README.orig file
You should see that the keys you set are distributed amongs the servers.
= Editing the ketama file =
The ketama.servers file is tracked and reloaded each time it is modified.
ketama provided consistent hashing goodness ; adding and removing memcached servers does not invalidate all the cache.
One caveat : currently the app doesn't flush newly added memcached servers, that may cause inconsistencies.
On top of that, I have not implemented the flush command for a specific server.
= Authors =
Eric Cestari, maintaining this stuff.
With original merle client
* Copyright 2009, Joe Williams <>
* Copyright 2009, Nick Gerakines <>
And original ketama driver by Richard Jones
(thanks guys !)