jMUSE is a simple scatterplot matrix visualization application for multivariate analysis.
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jMUSE is an interactive visualization tool for exploring quantitative multivariate data in a scatterplot matrix. jMUSE is written in Java and runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems. jMUSE is developed and maintained by the Chad A. Steed.

Compiling the jMUSE Source Code

Compiling jMUSE is straightforward. The first step is to clone the repository. We supply a Maven POM file to deal with the dependencies. In the Eclipse development environment, import the code as a Maven project and Eclipse will build the class files.

To compile jMUSE on the command line, issue the following commands:

$ mvn compile
$ mvn package

Running jMuse

These commands will generate 2 jar files in the target directory. Copy the jar file with dependencies into the scripts directory and run either the jmuse.bat script (Windows) or the script (Mac or Linux). The jMUSE GUI should appear after issuing this command. Example data files are provided in the data directory for trying jMUSE out.