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Materials and associated code for audio technology talks at Clemson University - Spring 2019
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This repository contains all of the resources from my series of audio tech talks.


Date Topic
Jan 22 Digital Audio: The mystery behind sampling and reconstruction
Feb 5 Spectral Analysis: Decomposing audio with algorithms
Feb 19 Dispelling Common Audio Myths
Mar 5 AI in Audio Part I: Automated music generation and production
Mar 12 AI in Audio Part II: Music recommendation and understanding
Apr 16 Building Audio Plugins: A look under the hood and getting started
Apr 23 Vintage Audio Hardware: Tape delay, reverb, and mics

You can see full write-ups about all of these topics on my website, which incorporate these materials. (...coming soon...)

Series Overview

We will cover a range of audio topics and look at the theory behind them using practical examples and demonstrations. The material will be presented for a general audience and will focus on topics such as digital audio, audio signal processing, and artificial intelligence. Each tutorial session will run around an hour and is meant to encourage discussion and questions.

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