Convolutional Neural Network for multitrack mix leveling
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Mulitrack mix leveling with convolutional neural nets.


Install dependancies.

$ pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Install python ITU-R BS.1770-4 loudness package.

$ git clone
$ cd pyloudnorm
$ python install


Download and extract the DSD100 dataset: (12 GB)

Ensure that the extracted DSD100 directory is placed in the top of the directory structure.


To generate the input and output data run the script.

$ python

This will first measure the true mix loudness levels (and then calculate loudness ratios w.r.t the bass) which are saved to a .csv file. Then all of the stems are normalized to -24 LUFS. Next melspectrograms with frame size 1024 and and hop length of the same size are generated of the normalized stems and stored in a pickle file.

During training the melspectrograms of each subgroup is frammed with frame size of 128 (about 3 seconds of audio) and then stacked depth-wise to produce inputs of size 128x128x4. A single stack of TF-patches of length 128 are shown below for a single song in the data



To train the CNN model run the script.

$ python