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Book Worms


Books Worms is a mobile-first application that seeks to help UCI students create and find study groups.


  • Collin Stewart
  • Edmund Park
  • Erin Tait
  • Erick Brownfield

Setup Instructions

  1. Import database
    • Import config/studygroupfinder.sql
  2. Create login files
    • cd to /config
    • copy and rename db.template into db.js
    • fill out empty fields
  3. Install server dependencies
    • cd to /
    • npm install
  4. Install client dependencies
    • cd to /client
    • npm install
  5. Start dev server
    • cd to /
    • npm run dev
  6. Open a browser and navigate to localhost:3000

Bundle For Deployment

  1. Run webpack to bundle files
    • npm run bundle

NOTE: After bundling you can not directly run your app locally. You must run your app from the root directory of a server.

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