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A cross platform clone of RPG Maker XP
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Open RPG Maker


Open RPG Maker is a clone of RPG Maker XP. The goal is to create a cross platform re-implementation of the RMXP library, written in 100% Ruby. All GUI related code is modular so as to support platform-specific forks.

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Supported Platforms

Linux, OSX and Windows are all supported. These are the following primary GUI platforms we are targeting:


A majority of the core library is implemented, leaving the intricacies of the GUI code for last. As they say, the last 10% of functionality represents 90% of the development time.


There's still a lot to do right now:

  1. Recreate the resource files (*.rxdata) in an unencrypted format.
  2. Finish the RPG module, and create the load_data(filename) and save_data(obj, filename) bult-ins.
  3. Redefine p and print for use in message box output.
  4. Document the RPG module.
  5. Create the bootstrapper for WPF, Silverlight, and WinForms.
  6. Create unit tests.
  7. Figure out what this is (from troop.rb):
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