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21st-century NeoVim. Personal IDE. Mainly implemented by Lua.


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Always Work In Process


Neovim Configure

├── compiler                  -- compiler related setting
├── coc-settings.json         -- for coc.nvim if you use coc.nvim as default complation framework, you can also select the builtin lsp
├── ftplugin                  -- some specific setting for some filetype
├── init.lua
├── lua
│   ├── configure
│   │   ├── nvim_cmp.lua      -- builtin lsp complation config
│   │   ├── lsp_config        -- builtin lsp config
│   │   ├── ....              -- other plugin configs
│   │   └── coc.lua           -- coc.nvim based lsp config
│   ├── core
│   │   ├── after.lua         -- just eusure this will be setting after all plugin loaded
│   │   ├── default.lua       -- some default setting
│   │   ├── init.lua          --
│   │   ├── mapping.lua       -- mapping register module
│   │   ├── plugins.lua       -- all plugin name and group center
│   │   └── themes.lua        -- my favorite themes
│   ├── hack                  -- something you want to hack
│   │   ├── init.lua
│   │   └── pomodoro.lua
│   ├── local.lua             --
│   ├── user.lua              -- user related configure like email, name, etc.
│   └── util                  -- some useful tools and functions
└── tasks.ini                 -- asynctasks


  1. Install Neovim >=0.9, git >= 2.32

  2. Install pynvim and debugpy(optional)

  # pynvim for python based plugins
  pip install pynvim
  # debugpy for python debug, just install it to your environment
  pip install debugpy
  # optional yapf for python format
  pip install yapf
  1. Install node.js, npm, and yarn
curl -sL | bash
npm install --global yarn


for grammarly-language-server, it requires the node@16

# install node@16
npm install -g n
n -d 16

# export the GRAMMARLY_PATH in you .bashrc or .zshrce or what shell you use
export GRAMMARLY_PATH="$HOME/.local/share/nvim/mason/packages/grammarly-languageserver/node_modules/grammarly-languageserver"
  1. Install lolcat for display the NEOVIM logo
    sudo apt install lolcat
    brew install lolcat
  1. Install ag or rg
    brew install rg
    sudo apt-get install ripgrep
  1. Install Nerd Font
Install Nerd Font Family: `DejaVuSansMono Nerd Font` or  what you want
Download from
Install method depend on your os.
  1. Install xclip (X11), wl-clipboard (Wayland), pngpaste (MacOS), for Clipboard Image

  2. Make some link

  1. User related setting in lua/core/user.lua.

Both local.lua and user.lua are bind to user. user.lua is more general for each user, and local.lua is special to each machine, and setting in local.lua will not be indexed by git but user.lua will be.

My own setting example in local.lua is:

local M = {}

M.setup = function()
    vim.g.global_proxy_port = '' -- like "", this is for some plugin like google translate that is banned by GFW. if you don't have this issue, set it to `nil`

M.after = function()
...your code
return M

In the user.lua you must provide the setup and after method in the module

local M = {}
M.setup = function()
-- call the local setup
-- require('core.local').setup()
...your code
M.after = function() ... end
-- call the local after
-- require('core.local').after()
...your code
return M

NOTE: The default leader is setting in lua/core/default.lua. The setting is

let maplocalleader=','
let mapleader=';'
nnoremap \\ ;
vnoremap \\ ;
  1. Select builtin or coc.nvim for the default LSP in 'core/init.lua'.

For my experience, coc.nvim is more easy to configure to get all things work. But now more and more neovim users change to use builtin?

  1. Open neovim and run :PackerSync<cr> command to install Plugins by Packer plugin manager.


  1. Install pg_format for sql format
  1. Install sqlite3 for better frequence files display(fh)
sudo apt-get install sqlite3
sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev


For getting the best performance, please use the GPU-based terminal:

Main features

Each figure may display with different colorscheme.



Complete/Nvim-Tree/Navigator(based builtin lsp)


Complete/Nvim-Tree/Navigator(based coc.nvim)


Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy Search



Markdown & Vimwiki

Markdown & Vimwiki

Project TODO

Project TODO

Debug Adapter Protocol

Debug Adapter Protocol

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Clock

There are some shortcuts.

NOTE: Default set

    vim.cmd("let maplocalleader=' '")
    vim.cmd("let mapleader=';'")
    vim.cmd("nnoremap ' ;")
    vim.cmd("vnoremap ' ;")

WARNING: We will remap some shortcuts but not update this table, just for reference.

Mode Mapping Description
x < Left Indent Selected
x > Right Indent Selected
i,c kj Back to Normal Mode
n,i ;p Paste From Clipboard
n ;qA Directly Quit Without Save
n ;qq Directly Quit
n ;qw Directly Quit After Write
n ;qc QuickFix Close
n ;qo QuickFix Open
n ;qp QuickFix Previous Item
n ;qn QuickFix Next Item
n ;rd Read Date From System
n ;rr Reload Current File
n ;rt Read FileTree
n ;s. Source Current File
n ;s<SPACE> Remove Tail Space
n ;ss Save Current Buffer
n ;sa Save All Buffers
n ;ws Split Window
n ;wv Vertical Split Window
n ;wd Close Current Window
n ;wo Only Reserve Current Window
n ;ww Goto Next Window
n ;wj Goto The Down Window
n ;wk Goto The Above Window
n ;wh Goto The Left Window
n ;wl Goto The Right Window
n ;wJ Goto The Bottom Window
n ;wK Goto The Top Window
n ;wH Goto The Leftest Window
n ;wL Goto The Rightest Window
n ;x Close Current Window
v ;y Yank to Clipboard
n ;<TAB> Smart toggle fold
n zR Unzip all
n zr Unzip
n za Zip toggle
n zm Zip current
n zM Zip all
n zo Unzip current
n <A-L> Goto Right Window
n <A-K> Goto Above Window
n <A-H> Goto Left Window
n <A-J> Goto Below Window
n <A-F> Go to Next Buffer
n <A-B> Go to Previous Buffer
n <A-W> Size +5
n <A-S> Size -5
n <A-A> Vertical Size -5
n <A-D> Vertical Size +5
n,v <C-J> 5j
n,v <C-k> 5k
n <SPACE><CR> No Search Highlight
i <C-U> Delete Prior Word
i <C-H> Delete Prior Char
i <C-D> Delete Next Char
i <C-K> Delete To The End
i <C-J> Delete To The Begin
i <C-B> Go Left
i <C-F> Go Right
i <C-A> Go To The Begin and Insert
i <C-E> Go To The End and Append
i <C-O> New Line and Insert
i <C-S> Save
i <C-Q> Save & Quit
n <C-Q> Save & Quit
v gx Open URL Link
n gx Open URL Link
n ;ga Git Add
n ;gb Git Blame
n ;gc Git Commits
n ;gC Git Checkout
n ;ge Git Edit Something
n ;gd Git Diff
n ;gg Git Grep
n ;gl Git Log For Current File
n ;gL Git Log
n ;gm Git Move
n ;gr Git Read
n ;gs Git Status
n ;gw Git Write
n ;gu Git Pull
n ;gp Git Push
n ;gi Git Indicator Toggle
n <SPACE><SPACE> Blink Cursor
n <SPACE>1 Goto 1 Window
n <SPACE>2 Goto 2 Window
n <SPACE>3 Goto 3 Window
n <SPACE>4 Goto 4 Window
n <SPACE>5 Goto 5 Window
n <SPACE>6 Goto 6 Window
n <SPACE>7 Goto 7 Window
n <SPACE>8 Goto 8 Window
n <SPACE>9 Goto 9 Window
n ;1 Goto 1 Buffer
n ;2 Goto 2 Buffer
n ;3 Goto 3 Buffer
n ;4 Goto 4 Buffer
n ;5 Goto 5 Buffer
n ;6 Goto 6 Buffer
n ;7 Goto 7 Buffer
n ;8 Goto 8 Buffer
n ;9 Goto 9 Buffer
n ;A Goto A Buffer
n ;B Goto B Buffer
n ;C Goto C Buffer
n ;D Goto D Buffer
n ;E Goto E Buffer
n ;F Goto F Buffer
n ;G Goto G Buffer
n ;H Goto H Buffer
n ;I Goto I Buffer
n ;J Goto J Buffer
n ;K Goto K Buffer
n ;L Goto L Buffer
n ;M Goto M Buffer
n ;N Goto N Buffer
n ;bn Goto Next Buffer
n ;bp Goto Prev Buffer
n ;bf Goto First Buffer
n ;bl Goto Last Buffer
n ;bd Delete Current Buffer
n ;bD Delete All Buffer Except Current
n ;bR Delete All Right Buffers
n ;bL Delete All Left Buffers
n ;bs Buffer Sorted By Whether Modified
n ;tc Tab Create
n ;tx Tab Close
n ;tn Tab Next
n ;tp Tab Previous
n ;f;s Open Startify Page
n ;tl Tag List
n ;sr Search By Reg Exp.
n ;sf Search Current Word
n ;ff Find files
n ;fB File Browser
n ;fR Find Recent Context
n ;fr Find Recent/History
n ;fq Find Query
n ;fl Find Lines
n ;fb Find Buffers
n ;fc Find Command History
n ;fd Open Dotfiles
n ;fw Find Wiki
n ;fj Find Wiki
n ;fh Find Recent/History
n ;fp Find Project
n ;sp Save Project
n ;fm Find All Mappings
n ;f; Find More
n ;f;r Find Registers
n ;f;h Find Highlights
n ;f;t Find Themes
n ;f;p Find Planets
n ;f;g Find Git Commits
n ;f;G Find Git Commits(buffer)
n ;f;j Find Jump List
n ;f;m Find Marks
n ;dq Debug Quit F2
n ;dC Clear Breaks F4
n ;dc Run Continue F5
n ;dB Step Back F6
n ;da Advanced Debug
n ;daw Advanced Break F7
n ;dac Cond Break F8
n ;db Toggle Break F9
n ;do Step Over F10
n ;di Step Into F11
n ;dO Step Out F12
n ;dr Repl Open
n ;mt Quick Build
n ;ce Code Edit(markdown)
n ;mp Markdown Preview
n <SPACE>f Display Formula
n <SPACE>p Paste Image
n ;tm Toggle Table Mode
n ;tfe Table Fomule Eval
n ;oa Org Agenda
n ;oc Org Capture
n ;ox Org Clock
n ;oxe Org Effort Estimate
n ;oxi Clock In
n ;oxo Clock Out
n ;oxq Clock Cancel
n ;oxj Clock Goto
n cir Org Priority Down
n ciR Org Priority Up
x ciR Org Priority Up
n cit Org Todo Status
n ciT Org Todo Status
n cid Org Change Date
n ;of Org Open File
n ;ot Org Tag
n ;oi Org Insert
n ;oid Org Insert DEADLINE
n ;oih Org Insert Headline
n ;ois Org Insert SCHEDULED
n ;oit Org Insert TODO
n ;oi. Org Insert Time Stamp
n ;oiT Org Inplace Insert TODO
n ;oi, Org Insert Inactive Time Stamp
n ;oK Org Move Up
n ;oJ Org Move Down
n ;o' Org Edit Source
n ;o$ Org Archive Subtree
n ;oA Org Archive Tag
n ;or Org Refile To
n ;o* Org Toggle Headline
n ;o, Org Priority
n ;oe Org Export(Emacs)
n ;oC Calendar
n ;O Vimwiki
n ;o; Vimwiki Make Note
n ;fo ObsidianSearch
n ;on New Draft Obsidian
n ;tt Toggle TODO List
n ;tw Translate Current Word.
v ;tw Translate Current Vision Word.
n,v <CR> Auto Select Span
n ;jr Jupyter Run
n ;j. Jupyter Change Dir to Current
n ;jc Jupyter Connect
n <SPACE>je Jupyter Run Visual
v <SPACE>e Jupyter Run Visual
n ;np Jupyter Convert
t <ESC> Back to Normal Mode
t kj Back to Normal Mode
v,x <C-S> Send Select Text to First Termianl
n <C-S> Send Current Line to First Termianl
n ;ti Terminal IPython
n ;re Remote Edit
n ;rc Remote Configure
n ;cn Color New
n ;cp Color Picker
n ;cs Color Select(CSS)
n ;cg Color Gradient 2 Colors
n ;ft File Tree
n ;f. Current File Tree
n ;to Toggle Only Window(ZenMode)
n ;sk Session Keep
n ;sL Session List
n ;sd Session Delete
n ;sl Load Session(Dir)
n ;lc Lsp Config
n gd Goto Definition
n gr Goto References
n gi Goto Implementation
n ;sn Prev Diagnostic
n ]e Next Diagnostic
n [e Prev Diagnostic