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GitHub Action to send a push notification via a series of different services thanks to the the Apprise library
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GitHub Action to send a dynamic push notification to every single platform thanks to the Apprise library

Supports services like Slack, AWS SNS, Discord, IFTTT, Matrix, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, Twitter etc., as well as email and webhooks.

Supports dynamically adding event data to the notification message with Jinja2 templates.

Action block syntax

action "Send push notification" {
  uses = "cstuder/apprise-ga@master"
  secrets = ["APPRISE_URL"]
  args = ["Notification title", "Notification message"]


  1. Create a new action in your workflow which uses cstuder/apprise-ga@master.
  2. Look up the syntax for your push notification URL in the list of Supported Notifications by Apprise. (I.e. protocol://user:password@hostname/channel)
  3. Add this URL as the secret APPRISE_URL to the action.
  4. Add your message to args in the format ["TITLE", "MESSAGE"]. (This might not work in the current version of the visual workflow editor.)

Inserting event data with templates

For both title and message you can use the Jinja2 syntax to insert data from the event trigger (/github/workflow/event.json) into your notification.

Find the event data in the list of GitHub webhook payloads.

Templating example

For a push event, you might use the following arguments:

args = ["Push received on {{ ref }}", "Commit by {{ }}: {{ head_commit.message | truncate(128) }} ({{[0:7] }})"]

Action configuration

Environment variables



Key Value
APPRISE_URL Notification URL according to Apprise

Required arguments

Position Value
1 Notification title
2 Notification message

Optional arguments




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