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Note: Parts of this library are broken due to changes on Quora's end. Issues and pull requests welcome.

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A Python module to fetch and parse data from Quora.

Table of Contents


You will need Python 2.x and pip.

Install using pip:

pip install quora


User statistics

from quora import User

user = User('Christopher-J-Su')

# Get user activity
activity = user.activity

# Do stuff with the parsed activity data
print activity

# Get user statistics
stats = user.stats

# Take a gander
print stats


from quora import Quora

# Get question statistics
question = Quora.get_question_stats('what-is-python')

# question is:
# {
#     'want_answers': 3,
#     'question_text': u'What is python?', 
#     'topics': [u'Science, Engineering, and Technology', u'Technology', u'Electronics', u'Computers'], 
#     'question_details': None, 'answer_count': 1, 
#     'answer_wiki': '<div class="hidden" id="answer_wiki"><div id="ld_mqcfmt_15628"><div id="__w2_po3p1uM_wiki"></div></div></div>',
# }

Answer statistics

from quora import Quora

# The function can be called in any of the following ways.
answer = Quora.get_one_answer('')
answer = Quora.get_one_answer('6hARL')
answer = Quora.get_one_answer(question, author) # question and answer are variables

# answer is:
# {
#     'want_answers': 8, 
#     'views': 197, 
#     'author': u'Mayur-P-R-Rohith', 
#     'question_link': u'', 
#     'comment_count': 1, 
#     'answer': '...', 
#     'upvote_count': 5
# }

# Get the latest answers from a question
latest_answers = Quora.get_latest_answers('what-is-python')


Currently implemented

  • User statistics
  • User activity
  • Question statistics
  • Answer statistics

To do

  • Detailed user information (followers, following, etc.; not just statistics)


Gitter HuBoard

Check out the issues on GitHub and/or make a pull request to contribute!

Projects using pyquora

  • quora-api – A REST API for Quora.
  • quora-backup – A Python package and CLI for backing up Quora data.