jLite CLI 0.2 Extended Version: custom proxy location, XML output & more!
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***************** JLite CLI Plus README ******************

URL: https://github.com/csuarez/jlite-cli-plus
License: Apache License 2.0

jLite CLI Plus is a modification of jLite 0.2 CLI with new features:

* Support to custom proxy paths for ALL commands. (Done!)
* Support to set certificate key with a parameter for 'proxy-init' command. (Done!)
* Support to XML output for ALL commands. (Done!)

This project it's currently stopped, and it won't have any new features in the future.

You can get more info with the "-help" attribute of every command.

****************** ORIGINAL README ******************

jLite: A Lightweight Java API for gLite
Copyright 2008-2010 Oleg Sukhoroslov
License: Apache License 2.0


jLite is a Java library providing simple API for accessing gLite based 
grid infrastructure. It is intended for Java developers who struggle 
with gLite middleware and want to reduce time and effort needed to build 
a cross-platform grid application on top of the EGEE grid infrastructure. 
jLite also includes a command-line interface which can be used as a simple 
cross-platform alternative to gLite User Interface on Windows and other 
operating systems.

Existing Java APIs for gLite are scattered among several packages and 
expose mostly low-level service operations. Available API usage examples 
often imply the presence of gLite User Interface environment installed on 
Scientific Linux. This complicates the use of these APIs for development 
of cross-platform grid applications. jLite is addressing these problems by 
providing a high-level Java API with functionality similar to gLite shell 
commands. Current implementation supports complete gLite job management 
lifecycle including VOMS proxy creation and delegation, transfer of job 
input files, job submission, job status monitoring and retrieval of job 
output files. Normal, collection and parametric gLite jobs are supported. 
The API hides complexity of underlying middleware and its configuration. 
jLite is easy to install because it includes all external dependencies 
and does not require installation of gLite User Interface. The library is 
pure Java and can be used on any Java-capable platform including Windows. 


Check /doc directory for user manual and Javadoc.

*** FEEDBACK ***

jLite mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/jlite
E-mail: oleg.sukhoroslov@gmail.com


If you use jLite please refer to it in your papers as follows:

O.V. Sukhoroslov. jLite: A Lightweight Java API for gLite. // 
Distributed Computing and Grid-Technologies in Science and Education: 
Proceedings of the 3rd Intern. Conf. (Dubna, June 30 - July 4, 2008). 
- Dubna: JINR, 2008. - 401 p. (pp. 201-204)