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@@ -13,15 +13,18 @@ You need a few gems:
$ sudo gem install builder haml maruku rspec shotgun sinatra vlad
-Then run it straight from the git repo:
+Then clone the git repo and create some sample web pages:
$ git clone git://
$ cd nesta
$ cp config/config.yml.sample config/config.yml
$ rake setup:sample_content
+That's it - run a web server in development mode with shotgun...
$ shotgun app.rb
-Point your web browser at [http://localhost:9393](http://localhost:9393),
-start editing the files in `nesta/content`, and you're off.
+...then point your web browser at http://localhost:9393. Start editing the
+files in `nesta/content`, and you're on your way.
See []( for documentation.

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