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csv2db v1.4.0 released!

@gvenzl gvenzl released this
· 22 commits to master since this release
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This release brings a lot of new functionality to csv2db!

First and foremost, this release introduces support for SQL Server!

We also got a brand new icon for csv2db which we are particularly proud of.

                  ___       ____  
  ___________   _|__ \ ____/ / /_ 
 / ___/ ___/ | / /_/ // __  / __ \
/ /__(__  )| |/ / __// /_/ / /_/ /
\___/____/ |___/____/\____/_____/ 

Mandatory command line arguments are now checked and csv2db exits immediately if no files were found, as to before where it unnecessarily connected to and disconnected from the database.
csv2db also now has different exit codes for different termination conditions, see Exit codes in the README for more information.
We have added more precise status output, more debug statements during the file reading operations and csv2db now also prints the failed data record, if any, in the debug output to help you find out what data may be corrupted.

csv2db now provides color output, yellow for debug statements, red for errors. This can be turned off by setting the $NO_COLOR environment variable to any value, supporting the NO_COLOR standard.

We have changed the default data type for the generate functionality to VARCHAR(1000) to be out of the box compatible with all supported databases.

csv2db has also seen some bug fixes in this release:

The column order is now just as in the files from the header, as to before random.
The internal record list is now cleared on error, to start with clean data from the next file, if any.
Autocommit is explicitly turned off as some drivers have it on by default.

We hope that you enjoy this brand new version of csv2db!