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from json import load
from urllib2 import urlopen
from urllib import urlencode
from pandas import DataFrame
def query(sql, format='df'):
Submit an `sql` query (string) to and return a pandas DataFrame.
For example::
print('Operating cash balances for May 22, 2013')
print(treasuryio.query('SELECT * FROM "t1" WHERE "date" = \'2013-05-22\';'))
Return a dict::
treasuryio.query('SELECT * FROM "t1" WHERE "date" = \'2013-05-22\';', format='dict')
url = ''
query_string = urlencode({'q':sql})
handle = urlopen(url + '?' + query_string)
if handle.code == 200:
d = load(handle)
if format == 'df':
return DataFrame(d)
elif format == 'dict':
return d
raise ValueError('format must equal "df" or "dict"')
raise ValueError(