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\page build Build instructions
\section Introduction Introduction
Compiling TortoiseGit is not very difficult, but it requires several steps
to finish, at least the first time.
Unlike other big open source projects, once you have built all the libraries
TortoiseGit depends on, you can use the familiar VisualStudio IDE to build
and debug the binaries. No need to run the build script for every little change.
So don't give up if you read through the next section and all the requirements.
You only have to do this once.
\section Requirements Requirements
\subsection Requirements1 First, you need to install the compiler package.
-# You need VS2008 with SP1 (or at least Visual C++ 2008) to allow
building of the full TortoiseGitpackage.
If you don't have the SP1 installed for VS2008, you will also need the
MFC feature pack for VS2008 which is available from here:
This is the recommended option, but it is not free :-(
If you want to build the msi make sure the "Tools for Redistributing
Applications" are installed.
-# If you do not have access to VS.NET you can download the free
Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
This will allow you to build the subversion libraries and the
SubWCRev, TortoiseBlame, TortoiseUDiff, TortoiseIDiff, CrashRpt
and ResText projects only. You can not build the main parts of
TortoiseGit(shell extension, TortoiseProc, TGitCache, TortoiseMerge)
with the Express Edition!
- Install Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
Download it from
- Install MASM 6.15 from:
and add it to the PATH environment variable
\note Do not bother to install WiX and Votive as you cannot build very much.
-# If you plan to build 64 bit packages, install the package
- "Language Tools" -> "Visual C++" -> "X64 Compilers and Tools"
available in the VS.NET2008 Professional and higher.
This will provide you with a cross-compiler and a suitable
command shell. On XP64, there will also be a native compiler.
-# \b Install Microsoft SDK for Windows 7
- Open "Microsoft Windows SDK", "Visual Studio Registration", "Integrate Windows SDK with Visual Studio 2008"
to make sure Visual Studio uses the latest SDK headers and libraries
(for 2008 SP1 see:
-# \b Optional: Install the MSDN Library (documentation) from
You can always access it online at
\subsection Requirements2 Next you need to install some utilities/programs.
- WiX(\b 1)
(\b 1) Above 3.5 version
\section get external source code
git submodule update --init
\section build32 Building 32 bit packages
Open TortoiseGit.sln
Build all projects.
\section Create MSI Package
Before create MSI Package, you need build tortoisegit release version.
Build WixSetup
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