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%% Setup
clear all;
close all;
%% Design
% Firstly, since we are working in Matlab, we will not attempt to abstract
% over the details of the problem and produce a general algorithm, since
% the facilities available for doing so are relatively limited. Instead we
% will specify the problem and its representation and then write algorithms
% that solve the specific problem. That said, we will abstract a little
% where it is useful for code reuse between similar code for our
% algorithms.
% In some places we will make use of the fact that we have a tabular
% representation of a function, to speed up the algorithm; in others we
% will allow for a function to be either represented as a Matlab table or
% as a Matlab function, which will be either called or indexed with the
% same syntax, e.g. Q(S, A).
%% Part I - gridworld, dynamic programming
%% Part II - secretary problem, MC, TD (Q-learning)
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