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Learning warped guidance for blind face restoration (ECCV 2018)
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Torch implementation for Learning Warped Guidance for Blind Face Restoration

GFRNet framework

Overview of our GFRNet. The WarpNet takes the degraded observation and guided image as input to predict the dense flow field, which is adopted to deform guided image to the warped guidance. Warped guidance is expected to be spatially well aligned with ground-truth. Thus the RecNet takes warped guidance and degradated observation as input to produce the restoration result.


Pytorch implementation of WarpNet (the first subnet of GFRNet) can be found here.


th test.lua


Download the pre-trained model with the following url and put it into ./checkpoints/FaceRestoration/.


Restoration on real low quality images

The first row is real low quality image(close-up in right bottom is the guided image). The second row is GFRNet result.

Warped guidance

IMDB results

The content marked with green box is the restoration results by our GFRNet. All of these images are collected from Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

InputGuided ImageBicubicGFRNet Results

Requirements and Dependencies


Code borrows heavily from pix2pix. Thanks for their excellent work!


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