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Welcome to the reveal-init wiki!

reveal-init is a small yet helpful command line program written in Bash that helps you start a new Reveal.js presentation project. Just run reveal-init and start working on your slides right away!

In case you don't know what Reveal.js is: It is an awesome HTML framework for building presentations with web technologies. Check it out here.

The README file included in the repository along with the information you get when you invoke the program with the --help option is pretty enough for you to start using reveal-init on your own. If things aren't clear or if you want to achieve more with reveal-init, that's what the reveal-init's wiki is for.

This is the Home page of the wiki. It indexes other pages in this wiki. See the menu below. Please note that the wiki pages get updated as new versions of reveal-init get released, thus the information contained within the wiki is true for the latest version (either the latest pre-release or the latest stable release), but may be false for older versions of reveal-init. It is highly recommended to update to the latest stable version of reveal-init whenever a new one is released.

I'm new to reveal-init, where do I learn how to use it?

  • If you are looking for something beginner-friendly and step-by-step, see Getting Started and then Advanced usage. These tutorials assume little background in computers, especially using command line programs.
  • If you are looking for a complete, in-depth yet not-too-technical guide, see the Manual.
  • The Quickstart, intended for people who've used various command line programs, is coming soon.



  1. Tutorial
    1. Getting Started
    2. Advanced usage
  2. Tricks
  3. Manual
  4. For Windows users


  1. Table of Options
  2. Errors & warnings


  1. Change log
  2. License
  3. Supporting the Public Domain