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Using a Raspberry Pi

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Generic Install Instructions

Before running Tuya-Convert, you need to disconnect the Pi from its Wi-Fi network, enabling the required vtrust-flash WiFi network to broadcast correctly. There are multiple ways of doing this:

Warning You will need to be connected via Ethernet or "USB Gadget mode" to continue use after disabling wifi.

Option 1. Via GUI: connect via VNC viewer, click the Wifi Icon, select your network and disconnect.

Option 2. Via SSH/Terminal: paste the command sudo killall wpa_supplicant

Option 3. Via SSH/Terminal:

                   - type sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

                   - Delete the wifi network block including network={}

                   - Close the file (ctrl x, y, enter)

                   - sudo reboot

You can now follow the instructions on the main page.

Pi Zero W

Setup USB Serial Gadget mode (unless you have keyboard/monitor)

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