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A desktop game editor that makes learning programming fun and game development easy by its visual editors and well-documented code library
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itchPage.html 🍱 Sources of itch pages Aug 15, 2019 ⬆️ Update butler Mar 31, 2019
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package.json 🔖 Bump the version Sep 4, 2019 📝 More relevant for ct.js, better contribution guides and templates Aug 15, 2019

GitHub tag (latest by date) Travis (.org) master branch Travis (.org) develop branch

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Ct.js is a 2D game editor that makes its bet on good documentation, visual tools and smooth workflow.

For bugs, feature requests, developing questions, please use GitHub issues so we can better track them. For general support about making games, ask a question at our discord server.

Repo structure & tools

  • app — an NW.js app, with its configs and static files.
    • data
      • ct.release — the ct.js game library, aka its "core"
      • ct.libs — catmods (modules) that ship with ct.js. Feel free to create a pull request with your module!
      • i18n — UI language schemes. Open for pull requests! :)
  • src — a source folder that compile into /app folder at a build time.
    • js — different top-level scripts, including 3rd-party libraries.
    • node_requires — these are copied as is to the /app directory upon building ct.js, contain reusable code, and are meant to be used by require('./data/node_requires/…').
    • pug — HTML sources of editor's windows, written in Pug.
    • riotTags — components that drive all the logic in ct.js. Written in Pug and Riot.js v3.
    • styl — style sheets, written in Stylus.
  • branding — logos and icons belong here.
  • docs — official docs of ct.js. Edit them here.
  • DragonBonesJS — a dependency for enabling DragonBones' skeletal animation support in ct.js.
  • SSCD.jsa fork of a collision library for

Forking and installing the dev environment

Building ct.js requires Node and npm installed on your machine.

git clone ctjs
cd ./ctjs
npm install gulp-cli -g
gulp -f devSetup.gulpfile.js

Running ct.js from sources


Releasing ct.js

# Builds docs and adds them to ct.js app
gulp docs
# Recompiles source files, bundles docs, and bakes binaries
gulp packages

# Publishes prebuilt binaries to
# This assumes that you have an access to ct.js at :)
gulp deployOnly
gulp deployOnly --channel next # deploy to a specific channel

# Combines `gulp packages` and `gulp deployOnly`
gulp deploy

The first run will be slow as it will download nw.js binaries. Next runs will use cached files.

Naming conventions for commits

Use Gitmoji-flavored Comigoji for naming your commits.

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