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A website for managing membership and activities for social clubs. Consists of these main functions: manage members and memberships, manage activities, manage expenses, manage equipment inventory.

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A website for managing membership and activities for social clubs.


  • Member management
  • Membership management
    • Fixed terms (i.e. September 2010-August 2011)
    • Flexed terms (i.e. one year from time of activation)
  • Activity management
    • Create new activities
    • Manage waitlists
    • Manage pertinent questions for each activity
  • Expense management
    • Trip leaders can submit expense reports for reimbursal
    • Treasurers can create reports based off of reimbursed expenses
  • Inventory management
    • Track gear inventory
    • Manage who is in possession of indivdual pieces of gear

Current Users

  • Outdoors at UVA
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