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MP3 to Waveform


This codebase is for a talk at Prairie Dev Con in June 2019. Slides can be found here. The demo will take an MP3 file and generate a waveform png via ffmpeg up on Google Cloud Platform.

prdc-generateUploadLink - Generates a "signed URL" that a user will be able to POST an MP3 to. The MP3 is placed in a bucket called prdc19-audio-upload.

prdc-generateWaveform - Is triggered from MP3s being placed in the prdc19-audio-upload bucket and will generate a waveform png into the prdc19-waveform bucuket and will pass back a link to it.

Running the demo


  1. Install gcloud SDK for your chosen platform
  2. Google Cloud Platform Service account
    1. The service account must have the following IAM role:
      • Service Account Token Creator
  3. Google Cloud Function & Google Cloud Storage must be enabled
  4. Create two GCS buckets: prdc19-audio-upload & prdc19-waveform
    • The prdc-waveform bucket should have allUsers read-access such that the pngs being generated are accessible publically

Clone this repository

git clone


gcloud functions deploy prdc-generateUploadLink --entry-point generateUploadLink --memory 128MB --runtime nodejs8 --timeout 10s --trigger-http

gcloud functions deploy prdc-generateWaveform --entry-point generateWaveform --memory 1024MB --runtime nodejs8 --timeout 540s --trigger-bucket prdc19-audio-upload


To generate an upload link for an MP3:

To upload the MP3 and generate a waveform png: curl -X put -H 'Content-Type: audio/mpeg' --upload-file ./mp3s/test000.mp3 <upload link>

This will upload an MP3 to the prdc19-audio-upload bucket. The prdc19-generateWaveform function will then be triggered, create the waveform png and then send a POST request to the url specified in the lib/util.js If you don't have the ability to receive the notification, then just refresh the bucket in the Google Cloud Platform Web Console until the png appears.

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