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spec-driven code generator

Table of Contents


Use npm to install Autocode:

npm install autocode -g


Generates an Angular app
Generates an Asciicast
Generates a Backbone app
Generates Bower config and package files
Generates a Podfile
Transforms CoffeeScript into JavaScript
Generates a Composer package file
Generates a Cordova app
Generates a Django app
Generates a Dockerfile
Generates an .editorconfig file
Generates an Electron app
Generates an .eslintrc file
Generates an Express app
Generates a Feathers app
Generates `.gitignore` and `.gitkeep` files
Generates tracking code for Google Analytics
Generates a Gruntfile
Renders Handlebars templates for generators
Generates a HOSTS file
Generates a `apache.conf` file
Renders INI files for generators
Renders Jade templates for generators
Transforms JavaScript into beautiful JavaScript
Generates a `.jshintrc` file
Renders JSON files for generators
Generates a Laravel app
Generates a LICENSE file
Generates a Martini app
Model Schema
Generates `package.json` and `.npmignore` files
Generates `php.ini` files
Generates `requirements.txt` files
Generates a Rails app
Schemas for RAML
Generates a `redis.conf` file
Generates a `Gemfile`
Generates models for Sequelize
Schemas for Swagger
Generates a `.travis.yml` file
Generates a `Vagrantfile`
Generates a `.watchmanconfig` file


View Autocode's Official Documentation here: