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Binder workshop - use cases day 1 output


  • Mining bitcoins:(
  • Team sharing/close to open (collaborative environment) - being able to track how data was transformed by a notebook and under which flow that happened
  • Group projects
  • Interactive gists
  • Lorena's collection/zero entry notebooks - example starting workflows (edu/training)
  • Jupyter templates - suggestions on what to document where and how to document - standards, best practices, checklists in coding notebooks
  • Thesis dissertations as a gateway drug
  • Discipline specific use cases
  • Workshop environments
  • Demonstration
  • Research - quality control data, CI
  • Annotations on notebooks
  • Grading/self assessment/feedback in general/fix one thing/quizzes
  • Interactive slide shows when there is a new slide plugin
  • Interactive widgets
  • Journalism/data drive narratives
  • Gateway to programming and data analysis
  • Visual algorithms/python tutor etc.
  • Laptop independent computing
  • Publications
  • Open educational resources
  • Reverse notebook lookup
  • Tracking dependencies/trends
  • Popular notebooks, internal peer review
  • Bring me this data to binder, layer on top of open science framework

Need demo and example notebooks Need button that says send this repo to binder Want download all from binder or data takeout feature