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Binder workshop master page

The basics

Where: Data Science Initiative room 360, Shields Library, UC Davis, Davis, CA. (directions)

Date/times: Wed & Th, Oct 18-19, 2017; 9am-5pm. See schedule below!


Use hashtag #binder on twitter!

The gitter channel, for chatting

The mailing list, for asynchronous comm - reach it at!

Notes from all days

Notes from the intro talks and from the breakouts on day one

Hanging out

Titus recommends Cafe Bernardo, Burgers'n'Brew, The Beer Shoppe, and very many other places in downtown Davis!

Master schedule

Wednesday: Wed 10am: official start Wed ~noon: lunch, catered from Taqueria Davis. Wed 5pm: end of day 1 Wed 6pm: Dinner at Village Pizza, 403 G St.

Thursday: Thursday 9am: start of day 2 Thursday ~noon: lunch, catered from Zia's Deli. Thursday 5pm: end of day 2

Contact information

C. Titus Brown,, 517-505-9237 cell/whatsapp, @ctitusbrown on Twitter.

More information:

Likely attendees

Tim Head - Created Everware, similar idea to binder created at CERN

Kacper Kowalik - I'm a research scientist at NCSA, working with Matt Turk. I'm heavily involved in the WholeTale and the ytHub projects, which share numerous traits with both Binder and JupyterHub.

Edwin Skidmore - I lead team responsible for CyVerse's core infrastructure and cloud platform

Pamela Reynolds - Academic Coordinator, UC Davis Data Science Initiative

Gail Clement - Research library admin aspiring to do our part to make research communication more effective, useful, and openly accessible, and to support authors and publishers interested in same. Willing to cancel Elsevier and Springer journals to make this happen.

Lisa Johnson - Grad student with Titus

Jessica Mizzi - Grad student in Microbiology at UCD

Luiz Irber - Grad student with Titus

Yuvi Panda - I'm infrastructure lead at UC Berkeley's Data Science Education Program, and focus on scaling JupyterHub to large number of users. I am also a core contributor to the new BinderHub /

Karen Word - postdoc with Titus in learning assessment, part-time with the Carpentries.

Daniel Standage - postdoc with Titus

Matt Frazier - Software engineer at Center for Open Science.

Adelaide Rhodes - Hi - I am transitioning to the University of Vermont, where the ability to tie together a variety of tools using binder and connecting it to other platforms will be a great help in advancing cancer and other biomedical research here at the Vermont Integrated Genomic Resource group. We work with regional collaborators, such as the University of Maine and University of New Hampshire, advancing genomic tools using a variety of HPC and cloud platforms.

Taylor Reiter - Grad student with Titus

Abigail Cabunoc Mayes - Lead Developer, Open Source Engagement at Mozilla Foundation.

Holly Bik - My favorite things are roller coasters, nematodes, and awesome (open source) data visualization.

Harriet Alexander - Postdoc with Titus.

Matthias Bussonnier - I'm a post doc at UC Berkeley I have been working on IPython/Jupyter since 2011.

Carol Willing - Research Software Engineer, Project Jupyter.

Olga Botvinnik - Bioinformatics scientist at Chan Zuckerberg Biohub working on open science

Jonathan Crabtree - I am director of Odum Cyber Infrastructure at Chapel Hill

Neem Serra - I like cupcakes.

Christie Bahlai - Asst Prof at Kent State

Aaron Culich - Research Computing Architect at UC Berkeley Research IT / Berkeley Research Computing (BRC). Work closely with BIDS and Jupyter team on Binder/JupyterHub technologies for use on campus-supported infrastructure, commercial cloud computing, and national computing resources such as XSEDE Jetstream.

Christopher Hench - I'm a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley and fellow at BIDS, I also work at the D-Lab and Digital Humanities at Berkeley. My main interaction with Binder and JupyterHub has been teaching using it, but I've also set up and configured one for the D-Lab on gcloud with kubernetes. I think I'd be most helpful either trying out docs or helping write documentation, and brainstorming other ways to use it.

Christopher Holdgraf - international man of mystery.

Clark Fitzgerald - Statistics graduate student at UC Davis DSI

Jon Udell - from!

Some reading material

Project Jupyter: Computational Narratives as the Engine of Collaborative Data Science

Binder workshop grant proposal

Is mybinder 95% of the way to next-gen computational science publishing, or only 90%?

An Introduction to Rocker: Docker Containers for R