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Sustainability & growing a community

How is Binder funded?

  • Freeman lab (Moore funding coming in) for now, other sources coming in soon. (exciting announcements to come!!!!)

Why are you here? What do you want to talk about?

  • Most of us are funded through grant ; is there any other plan for sustainability.
  • Binderhub has 4-5 funded staff. How do we grow our developer community at different levels? Governance structure?
  • Know how to start contributing and having more people to work on binder.
  • Interested on how to engage people at different level, and split the work. Can a lot of people doing little bits of things sustain iT?
  • How to contribute not just code but devops / maintenance questions? Community management? Growing community? Jupyter might not be the best model to follow..

How to get more contributors?

  • We know, but how do we get more contributors? Should be easy, there are dozens of people on campus who would happily use that. So we just need to convert this funnel into developers.
  • make good issues, be responsive, descriptive README,,, open license, easy pathways from users to be contributors
    • recipe works, but takes time
  • Try to go after people who are already very experienced and can quickly come on in?
  • Make the operations aspects of this transparent and open so folks can get in easily
  • Get more people to deploy binderhub so we have a set of users who are practicing deploying it and can contribute it back.
  • Have a clear release cycle make things more engaging for contributors.
  • Make it easy and clear for non-code contributions, such as testing before a release.
  • Increase the number of people who make binder example repositories
  • COOL IDEA ALERT: "This binder was sponsored by ..." or list of contributors to last release of binder while a binder is building in the building process.


  • Appear on a list
  • support services

Action items

  • Have a session for setting up binderhub locally on machines?
  • have a with relatively liberal acces, capped on how much it "cost" and that would be torn down and rebuild every couple of hours.