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Welcome to the pony-build wiki!

Basic links:

See Why Buildbots?, and links therein, for a general discussion of continuous integration.

See the README for some basic info, including usage instructions.

See my pony-build server for an active pony-build server.

See future IDEAS for ideas that should eventually be transferred into this wiki.

There’s a mailing list now! Zero traffic so far :)

Design issues:

LeaderboardDesign – Can we design a leaderboard and encourage public or semi-public pony-bots?

OfficialVsUnofficialResults – How do we distinguish between “official” build results and others?

Recipes – how can we incorporate recipes that don’t actually come with pony-build?

Links for student contributors

How to get started

Projectlets – int- to long- sized projects.

BigProjects – incremental work to be done, but not “finishable”?

Technical help with getting started




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