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More elegant version of match2. SLOWDOWN by a factor of 100! :-(

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1 parent 9cf0ace commit b6f58699258ef68ddee21a1346bd184465aaaba2 @ctbo committed Sep 3, 2012
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  1. +8 −9 slitherlink.hs
@@ -120,10 +120,10 @@ narrow seed state = if Set.null seed then Just state else
$ filter ((matchl (r, c+1) state).right)
$ filter ((matchl (r+1, c) state).bottom)
$ filter ((matchl (r, c-1) state).left)
- $ filter (\x -> match2 (r-1, c-1) state bottom (left x) right (top x))
- $ filter (\x -> match2 (r-1, c+1) state bottom (right x) left (top x ))
- $ filter (\x -> match2 (r+1, c-1) state top (left x) right (bottom x))
- $ filter (\x -> match2 (r+1, c+1) state top (right x) left (bottom x))
+ $ filter (match2 (r-1, c-1) state [(bottom, left), (right, top)])
+ $ filter (match2 (r-1, c+1) state [(bottom, right), (left, top)])
+ $ filter (match2 (r+1, c-1) state [(top, left), (right, bottom)])
+ $ filter (match2 (r+1, c+1) state [(top, right), (left, bottom)])
if null ss'
then Nothing
@@ -145,11 +145,10 @@ matchl i state x = if inRange (bounds state) i
where check (Line ls _) = x `elem` ls
check _ = undefined -- can't happen
-match2 :: (Int, Int) -> State -> (FourLines -> Bool) -> Bool -> (FourLines -> Bool) -> Bool -> Bool
-match2 i state f1 x1 f2 x2 = (not (inRange (bounds state) i))
- || check (state!i)
- where check (Space xs) = any (\x -> f1 x == x1 && f2 x == x2) xs
- check _ = undefined -- can't happen
+match2 :: (Int, Int) -> State -> [(FourLines->Bool, FourLines->Bool)] -> FourLines -> Bool
+match2 i state fps thiscell = (not (inRange (bounds state) i)) || all pairmatch fps
+ where pairmatch (otherf, thisf) = any ((==thisf thiscell) . otherf) othercell
+ Space othercell = state!i
narrowAll :: State -> Maybe State
narrowAll state = narrow (Set.fromList (indices state)) state

6 comments on commit b6f5869

ctbo commented on b6f5869 Sep 3, 2012

This change made the program dramatically slower and I don't understand why. For the (default) 10x10 test case this version needs 55 seconds while the version in the parent commit needs .33 seconds on my machine.
I thought I had made only a cosmetic change expressing things more elegantly.
Any ideas why there is such a huge performance impact would be greatly appreciated.


Did you compile with -O2? Just a wild guess but optimization may have quite a drastic effect with GHC.

nomeata commented on b6f5869 Sep 3, 2012

From a first glance I notice that in the original code, there is any (... && ...) xs while the new code has all (... any ... xs) fps, so you are reversing the conjunction and disjunction. Not sure if it is sound, but maybe that already caused the difference. Is othercell large?

ctbo commented on b6f5869 Sep 4, 2012

Thanks a lot, @nomeata ! You are absolutely right and that was the problem. I have fixed match2 and it is now fast again.

ctbo commented on b6f5869 Sep 4, 2012

And thanks to @skogsbaer too. Yes, I am compiling with -O2.


Right: "any" terminates after the first match, while "all" has to scan the entire list.

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