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git clone

Install dependencies (in a virtualenv)

pip install -r requirements.txt


The project is designed to be deployed into AWS as a Lambda function. Set up your AWS credentials first.

To use Zappa to deploy, create a zappa_settings.json file in the root directory:

    "production": {
        "aws_region": "<YOUR-PREFERRED-AWS-REGION>",
        "profile_name": "default",
        "project_name": "veracode-notifier",
        "runtime": "python3.6",
        "s3_bucket": "<YOUR-UNIQUE-S3-BUCKET-NAME>",
        "apigateway_enabled": false,
        "timeout_seconds": 300,
        "keep_warm": false,
        "events": [{
            "function": "veracodenotifier.main.main",
            "expression": "rate(1 minute)"
        "aws_environment_variables": {
            "S3_BUCKET": "<YOUR-UNIQUE-S3-BUCKET-NAME>",

Then run zappa deploy production to configure in AWS. The config above will run the Lambda once a minute.

It's worth pointing out that the default AWS permissions that will be attached to the Lambda are very permissive. You may want to look into the Zappa docs to configure something more appropriate.


Any .py file placed in veracodenotifier/actions or veracodenotifier/notifications will be loaded as an action or notification plugin.

Actions are changes in the Veracode platform that results in an event stream being generated. To create a new one, add a .py file to the actions folder containing a class that inherits from veracodenotifier.helpers.base_action.Action. This class must implement the pre_action(), action(), and post_action() methods, which will each be passed an instance of VeracodeAPI as found in veracodenotifier.helpers.api. The action() method must return a list of events, each event being a dictionary with a message key/value pair.

Notifications take an event and post the event as a message to a service of your choice. To create a new one, add a .py file to the notifications folder containing a class that inherits from veracodenotifier.helpers.base_notification.Notification. This class must implement the send_notification() method which takes an event and does something with it.