Integrate Veracode API into Slack slash command via AWS Lambda
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Two AWS Lambda functions, that enable something like:

/veracode list apps
/veracode list builds <app_id>
/veracode get build <build_id>

in Slack.


git clone
cd veracode-slack-slash-command/veracodeslackslashcommand
pip install -r requirements.txt -t ./

The folders each contain an AWS lambda function that requires a SLACK_TOKEN env variable configured. The dispatcher lambda must have permission to invoke other lambda functions. The main lambda must also have VID and VKEY env variables configured.

Lambda timeout for the dispatcher should be 1 min, and for the main lambda 5 min.

The dispatcher should be configured as open accessible via the AWS API gateway. The main lambda is only called from the dispatcher so does not need a trigger.

The AWS API gateway URL should be added to Slack under a custom app in the slash command config.