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import csv
import pymongo
from pymongo import MongoClient
import sys
import os
import argparse
import timing
import bson
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Import meta-data from the British Library into mongodb.')
parser.add_argument('--mongoHost', default='localhost', required=False, help='Mongo host name.')
parser.add_argument('--mongoPort', default=27017, required=False, help='Mongo port number.', type=int)
parser.add_argument('--mongoDb', default='bl_import', required=False, help='Mongo database name.')
parser.add_argument('--mongoCollection', default='bl_meta', required=False, help='Mongo collection name.')
parser.add_argument('--insertSize', default=50, required=False, help='Size of bulk import.', type=int)
parser.add_argument('--insertSafe', default=True, required=False, help='Set false to use fire-and-forget insert.', type=bool)
parser.add_argument('--mongoUser', default="", required=False, help='Mongo user.')
parser.add_argument('--mongoPass', default="", required=False, help='Mongo pass.')
parser.add_argument('filePath', help='Root file path to British Library TSV files')
ns = parser.parse_args()
wVal = 1
if (ns.insertSafe == False):
wVal = 0
client = MongoClient(ns.mongoHost, ns.mongoPort)
db = client[ns.mongoDb]
if (len(ns.mongoUser) > 0):
db.authenticate(ns.mongoUser, ns.mongoPass)
collection = db[ns.mongoCollection]
bulkDocuments = []
def string_param(val):
return val
def int_param(val):
return safe_cast(val, int, -1)
def long_param(val):
return safe_cast(val, long, -1L)
def safe_cast(val, to_type, default):
return to_type(val)
except ValueError:
return default
converters_map = {
'book_identifier': long_param,
'title': string_param,
'first_author': string_param,
'pubplace': string_param,
'publisher': string_param,
'date': string_param,
'volume': int_param,
'page': int_param,
'image_idx': int_param,
'ARK_id_of_book': string_param,
'BL_DLS_ID': string_param,
'flickr_id': long_param,
'flickr_url': string_param,
'flickr_small_source': string_param,
'flickr_small_height': int_param,
'flickr_small_width': int_param,
'flickr_medium_source': string_param,
'flickr_medium_height': int_param,
'flickr_medium_width': int_param,
'flickr_large_source': string_param,
'flickr_large_height': int_param,
'flickr_large_width': int_param,
'flickr_original_source': string_param,
'flickr_original_height': int_param,
'flickr_original_width': int_param}
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(ns.filePath):
for file in files:
if file.endswith('.tsv'):
with open(os.path.join(root, file), 'rb') as tsvin:
r = csv.reader(tsvin, delimiter='\t')
header =
converters = [converters_map[c] for c in header]
except KeyError as e:
print "Key error processing file {1} -> ({0})".format(e, file)
for row in r:
rowMap = {title:converter(value) for title, converter, value in zip(header, converters, row)}
toInsert = {key: rowMap[key] for key in rowMap.keys() if (not key.startswith('flickr'))}
flickr = {key: rowMap[key] for key in rowMap.keys() if (key.startswith('flickr'))}
toInsert['fileName'] = file
toInsert['flickr'] = flickr
if (len(bulkDocuments) >= ns.insertSize):
collection.insert(bulkDocuments, w = wVal)
bulkDocuments = []
except bson.errors.InvalidDocument as id:
print "Error inserting document from file {0}, most recent row: {1} -> {2}".format(file, row, id)
if (len(bulkDocuments) > 0):
collection.insert(bulkDocuments, w = wVal)
bulkDocuments = []