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Expo - Demo

Introduction: ReportAll

ReportAll is a templated reporting app for collaborative/crowdsourced journalism whose goal is to engage trusted community members in local reporting. In an ideal scenario, reporters will get the information they need from trusted members in their local communities, even if they can’t be on the scene. This will be a supplement to current reporting standards.

Introduction: Current Prototype

Our current prototype application uses a connected social media approach to crowdsourcing. A reporter with the app tweets out the following message on Twitter: “Can someone get information about ___ at ___? #reportall”. The first empty space is the topic description and the second space is the location of the desired topic. After a reporter posts this template on Twitter, through the app, they will see a pinned location geotagged on a map, with the subject heading, the location, and their Twitter handle. Authenticated community members on the app can also see these headings and their location, and if they are nearby the location, they can click on the pin. They can then send image media or text about the topic to the reporter in real time!


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