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Experiments with the Go programming language
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goHttpServer2 Add goHttpServer2 that serves requests without any disk IO

Some Go Code


Accepts multiple telnet connections using a go-routine. Prints out what is received on the server's STDOUT. Kills a connection if "end" is received.


Basic HTTP server that serves out the current directory over an OS chosen port. Serving a small plain text file does about 3000 reqs/sec on a 27" iMac. There seem to be some strange stuttering/stalling when ab is run against the server Going to try serving something from memory in order to eliminate possible IO bottleneck. (goHttpServer2)


Serves out the string "Hello!" over HTTP, from an in memory constant, similar to goHttpServer1 but no file system IO. Does about 8000 reqs/sec, still stalls sometimes though. (OSX) File system IO was clearly a limiting factor but isn't causing the stalling. Seems to be an OSX issue, running ab against the server from an Ubuntu VM doesn't see any stuttering/stalling Does about 11000 reqs/sec when benchmarked from the Ubuntu VM (server running on OSX host machine)

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