a desktop notification package for Go / golang
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a desktop notification package for Go / golang

GoDoc Version 1.0.0 Build Status Code Climate Issue Count License

GNU/Linux OS X
notifize_gnu_linux notifize_osx

how it works

send desktop notifications from your Go application

operating system support

  • GNU/Linux using libnotify notify-send
  • OS X 10.9+ using AppleScript display notification

I'd like to add support for other operating systems (primarily Windows and *BSD).

  • libnotify would probably work for *BSD but I don't want to implement without testing.
  • Windows doesn't seem to have an easy way of doing this, and I want to avoid doing something like bundling a 3rd party binary. Please let me know of any ideas/suggestions to provide Windows notifications cleanly.


install and update this Go package with go get -u github.com/ctcpip/notifize

usage example

package main

import "github.com/ctcpip/notifize"

func main() {
  notifize.Display("title", "hello, world", false, "")

documentation / reference


projects that use notifize

stuff nobody cares about

this project uses...