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An example app running ragtime migrations from an uberjar.

There are two examples, one for SQL (using postgres) and the other for mongodb.

For SQL:

  • We assume that PG is installed and running.
  • The example migration is in resources/migrations/sql/ where we create a new table named FOO.

For Mongo:

  • We assume that Mongo is installed and running.
  • The example migration is in resources/migrations/mongo/ where we create a unique index on the users collection.
  • Mongo migrations are just Clojure files that are executed and they are responsbile for connecting to the Mongo database.


Build the uberjar, create the database, and then run the migrations from the custom class.

For SQL:

lein uberjar
make init
(cd target; java -cp rtexample-0.2.0-standalone.jar rtexample.sqlmigrate migrate)

For Mongo:

lein uberjar
(cd target; java -cp rtexample-0.2.0-standalone.jar rtexample.mongomigrate migrate)


Chris Dean