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(ns rtexample.mongomigrate
"Running a ragtime migration with Mongo
monger.ragtime ; Force load of Mongo ragtime/Migratable code
[ragtime.jdbc :as jdbc]
[ragtime.repl :as repl]
[resauce.core :as resauce])
[ File])
;;; A replication of the Ragtime jdbc code to support our mongo
;;; migrations. Mongo migrations are just Clojure files that are
;;; executed by Ragtime.
(let [pattern (re-pattern (str "([^" File/separator "]*)" File/separator "?$"))]
(defn- basename [file]
(second (re-find pattern (str file)))))
(defn- remove-extension [file]
(second (re-matches #"(.*)\.[^.]*" (str file))))
;; We are using the .mongoclj extension
(defn- mongoclj-file-parts [file]
(rest (re-matches #"(.*?)\.(up|down)(?:\.(\d+))?\.mongoclj" (str file))))
(defn- gen-load-fn
"Generate a function the loads the mongo migrations. The migration
is responsbile for connecting to the mongo instance"
(fn [_]
(doseq [u urls]
(load-string (slurp u)))))
(defmethod jdbc/load-files ".mongoclj" [files]
(for [[id files] (group-by (comp first mongoclj-file-parts) files)]
(let [{:strs [up down]} (group-by (comp second mongoclj-file-parts) files)]
{:id (basename id)
:up (gen-load-fn up)
:down (gen-load-fn down)})))
;; The hardcoded config
(def mongo (mg/connect-via-uri "mongodb://"))
(def config
{:database (:db mongo)
:migrations (jdbc/load-resources "migrations/mongo")})
(defn -main
"Run the migrations or rollbacks"
[& args]
(println "Running mongo migrations")
(case (first args)
"migrate" (repl/migrate config)
"rollback" (repl/rollback config (if-let [n (second args)]
(str->int n)
(println "usage: rtexample.mongomigrate {migrate,rollback}")))