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Package necpp is a Go wrapper around libnecpp, which is a C library for
nec++, which is a C++ rewrite of nec2c, which is itself a C rewrite/translation
of the original FORTRAN code for NEC2, an antenna modelling package.
This package requires nec++ to be installed. On Linux, it's often found in the distribution packages. Otherwise, and on other Unix-y OSes, it should build per the instructions in the necpp library.
Installing nec++ on Mac OS X is likely to be more difficult, because clang gets unhappy about some of the Fortranisms still creeping around in the code. Even when that's cleared up by applying a couple of the pull requests on the github page, you still need to configure nec++ with the `--without-lapack` option. A procudure for installing necpp smoothly is in the works.
This package should be able to build on Windows, assuming you've been able to build nec++ with the instructions for Windows on the github page.
After that's installed, go-libnecpp can be installed with the usual 'go get'.
Groups of Methods
The methods in this library can be grouped into a few general groups - antenna geometry, antenna environment, simulation output, output analysis, and initialization/cleanup type methods. While they are grouped together in the source, godoc rearranges them into alphabetical order.
The groupings of methods in this library are:
Initialization and Cleanup
New(), Delete()
Antenna Geometry
Wire(), SpCard(), ScCard(), GmCard(), GxCard(), GeometryComplete()
Antenna Environment
MediumParameters(), GnCard(), FrCard(), EkCard(), LdCard(), ExCard(), ExcitationVoltage(), ExcitationCurrent(), ExcitationPlanewave(), TlCard(), NtCard(), XqCard(), GdCard()
Simulation Output
RpCard(), PtCard(), PqCard(), KhCard(), NeCard(), NhCard(), CpCard(), PlCard()
Output Analysis
Gain(), GainMax(), GainMin(), GainMean(), GainRhcpMax(), GainRhcpMin(), GainRhcpMean(), GainRhcpSd(), GainLhcpMax(), GainLhcpMin(), GainLhcpMean(), GainLhcpSd()
• nec++'s github page can be found at
• The nec++ documentation at
• Neoklis Kyriazis' website at, which includes the homepage for nec2c.
• The user's manual for NEC2 at This manual may make some of the more obscure portions of the documentation taken from nec++ more clear.
The godocs for this package have brought over the documentation for libnecpp.h from nec++, adapted somewhat to fit the golang wrapper functions better. Some functions were not documented there, and have not been documented here yet either. The NEC2 user manual may shed light on what a particular method does and what values should be used with it. As time permits, the missing method documentation from the NEC2 user manual will be added to the documentation here, and some of the variables will likely get more meaningful names as their functions become more clear.
Being a Go wrapper around a C interface for a C++ rewrite of a C rewrite of a FORTRAN program, there's some weirdness and not entirely Go customs compliant bits creeping around.
package necpp