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Goiardi is an implementation of the Chef server ( written in Go. It can either run entirely in memory with the option to save and load the in-memory data and search indexes to and from disk, drawing inspiration from chef-zero, or it can use MySQL or PostgreSQL as its storage backend.


The full goiardi documentation has been moved out of this README because it was getting too big to be easily manageable. It now uses sphinx to manage and format the documentation, which can be found under the docs/ directory. To learn about sphinx-doc, see The documentation can also be found online at

In addition to the aforementioned Chef documentation at, more documentation specific to goiardi can be viewed with godoc. See here for an explanation of how godoc works. The goiardi godocs can also be viewed online at


See the TODO file for an up-to-date list of what needs to be done. There's a lot.


There's going to be a lot of these for a while, so we'll just keep those in a BUGS file, won't we?


This started as a project to learn Go, and because I thought that an in memory chef server would be handy. Then I found out about chef-zero, but I still wanted a project to learn Go, so I kept it up. Chef 11 Server also only runs under Linux at this time, while Goiardi is developed under Mac OS X and ought to run under any platform Go supports (only partially tested at this time though).


If you feel like contributing, great! Just fork the repo, make your improvements, and submit a pull request. Tests would, of course, be appreciated. Adding tests where there are no tests currently would be even more appreciated. At least, though, try and not break anything worse than it is. Test coverage has improved, but is still an ongoing concern.


Jeremy Bingham (


Copyright (c) 2013-2020, Jeremy Bingham

The depgraph and digraph packages are vendored from terraform and are copyrighted by Hashicorp.


This project adheres to the [Open Code of Conduct][code-of-conduct]. By participating, you are expected to honor this code. [code-of-conduct]:

This code of conduct can also be found in in this repository.


Like many Chef ecosystem programs, goairdi is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for details.

The goiardi documentation in the docs directory is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) License.

Chef is copyright (c) 2008-2020 Chef Software (formerly Opscode, Inc.) and its various contributors.

The depgraph and digraph packages are vendored from Hashicorp's terraform package, and is under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. The MPL is included in those directories and applies only to those files.

A small part of go-chef/chef is included under the authentication directory to remove a circular dependency with tests between goiardi and go-chef, only enough to make a minimal client sufficient to test authenticating headers. It is copyright 2013-2019, Jesse Nelson under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

Thanks go out to the fine folks of Chef Software and the Chef community for all their hard work.

Also, if you were wondering, Ettore Boiardi was the man behind Chef Boyardee. Wakka wakka.