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v0.10.0 - Taihun

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@ctdk ctdk released this 25 Jul 06:34
· 500 commits to master since this release

Development for 1.0.0 (orgs+RBAC) will restart after this release, I promise, but in the meantime here's a new goiardi release with some good stuff with search.

  • Search architecture changed so different search backends can be used (thanks
    @oker1 for your work on that).
  • Postgres search is here at last! If you're using Postgres, instead of using
    the ersatz solr search, you can instead use Postgres to power your searches.
  • Add a mutex for the original goiardi search - multiple simple queries
    executing simultaneously are not a problem, but multiple complex queries can
    eat up all the RAM on the machine and cause goiardi to crash. This mitigates
    that situation.
  • Be a little more forgiving with reporting protocol versions - allow
    specifying the protocol version as a query param instead of only as a
    header. This is to make showing reports with the webui a little easier.
  • Bump the Chef Server version we claim to be from 11.1.6 to 11.1.7.

For more about the new PostgreSQL backed search, the goiardi docs have more.

This release also has binaries for DragonflyBSD, if you're into that.

No matter what, whether you're using the new postgres search or not, if you're upgrading to this release you'll need to rebuild your search index. If you're using the old search, delete your index file first. Then, whether you're using the old trie index or the new postgres based search, run knife index rebuild -y.