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v0.10.4 - Numbers Station

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@ctdk ctdk released this 23 Mar 19:55
· 395 commits to master since this release

Not a huge release or anything, but it adds some interesting stuff (in my opinion).


  • Export pprof info over HTTP, but only accept connections from localhost for
    that information.
  • Add statsd metrics for things like chef-client run timings (requires
    reporting) and started/succeeded/failed, number of nodes, API endpoint
    timings, various pieces of runtime info like GC pauses, RAM used, and number
    of resources updated & total resources for client runs.
  • Fix JSON decoding issue where very large numbers would suddenly turn into

The JSON number bug required a pretty specific set of circumstances to cause trouble; you needed a very large number (not a string), and it needed to be used somewhere where the very large number turning into a float would not be parsed correctly. Still, it can definitely be a problem, so you should probably upgrade.

The other items are more interesting. Goiardi now exports pprof info via /debug/pprof, but for safety's sake only to localhost. Even better, though, is how goiardi can send statistics about itself to statsd, which in turn can send it on to something like graphite so you can make nice visualizations about goiardi. See the relevant docs for more information.