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v0.11.0 - Steel Bacon

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@ctdk ctdk released this 27 Oct 19:53
· 334 commits to master since this release

It's been a while, but here's a new goiardi release with (IMHO) some pretty good stuff.


  • Ability to upload cookbooks to S3.
  • Add script to upload local files to S3 to migrate.
  • Change how items are indexed with the postgres indexer, to reduce the number
    of rows in the search_items table substantially (at the cost of possible
    differences in search results in a few weird corner cases).
  • Search parser no longer chokes on Unicode. Unfortunately Postgres' ltree
    module does not accept all Unicode alphanumeric characters as valid still.
  • Use vendoring.
  • Rejigger the package building process a bit - changing how the different
    packages are built and how version numbers are determined.
  • Fix a long-standing annoyance where the log file would get truncated when
    goiardi started or restarted.
  • Allow passing environment variables to goiardi through the config file.
  • Fix in-memory indexer to work with go 1.7.
  • Add packages for CentOS 6 and 7. Also use a gox fork pulling in someone's PR
    with better ARM support until that gets merged upstream eventually.
  • Change the postgres columns using the 'json' data type to use 'jsonb'
    instead. This is generally better, but does mean that goiardi now requires
    PostgreSQL 9.4 or later.

As noted, goiardi now needs at least PostgreSQL 9.4 to be able to run. (In-memory and MySQL users are of course unaffected.) The search index will need to be rebuilt with knife index rebuild -y. The new indexing scheme uses roughly half as many rows in the search_items table as before, though.

Also, thanks to golang 1.7, this release includes an experimental goiardi binary for Linux on z/Architecture. It's totally untested so far, but if all goes well maybe there'll even be a real package for it.

Convenient debs and rpms of goiardi can be found at, as always.

Now development on 1.0.0 should actually get going for real, once, erm, it gets synced up again with master.