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v0.9.0 - Spaceship and Sun

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@ctdk ctdk released this 27 Dec 20:05
· 639 commits to master since this release

Another interim release while work continues in the 1.0.0-dev branch to bring Chef 12 functionality to goiardi, but it adds some nice new features:

  • Validate IP address supplied on the command line or in the config file.
  • Compress index docs to reduce memory usage with the search index.
  • Ordering searches works now.
  • Index and datastore files now only write to disk if there have been changes
    since the last time they were saved.
  • In tandem with the previous change, freeze interval default has been changed
    from 300 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Bump Chef Server version we claim to be from 11.1.3 to 11.1.6.

If upgrading, delete the existing index file and rebuild it with knife index rebuild. It's a minor step, but since the search index file format has changed it needs to be rebuilt.

Remember that if you are upgrading goiardi from source, make sure to run go get -u - the go-trie package has been updated. This release requires at least go 1.3 to build, and go 1.4 is recommended.