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v0.9.1 - Arthropleura

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@ctdk ctdk released this 31 Mar 06:05
· 588 commits to master since this release

A bug fix release (see, but still with good stuff.

  • Fix error where requests for zero byte cookbook files would crash.
  • Authentication docs improvments (thanks @oker1!)
  • Rewritten and more robust cookbook depsolver.
  • Fix for client creation with cheffish (thanks @whiteley!)
  • Fix for search where searching for something like "foo:bar AND NOT foo:bar"
    was returning incorrect results. (brought to my attention and test provided
    by @brimstone, thanks!)
  • Fixed a bug where clients could be created with the same name as a user (or
    vice versa) in in-memory mode.

This is still not the release with orgs+RBAC (that's the 1.0.0 branch). This release fixes some issues that were brought to my attention in January and February, but unfortunately I found myself having to set goiardi work aside for a bit because of vacation and from having been cranking too hard on it for too long. I'm back in the saddle, though, and aim to turn around some more search improvements soon, then turn back to the 1.0.0 branch and push on releasing that.